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British Ammunition Bullet Poster: £19.99

  • Over 210 Life Size Rifle cartridges including multiple paradox cartridges and 72 Handgun cartridges (within 4/1000 of an inch)
  • This poster is dedicated to British Rifle and Handgun cartridges for military and sporting use.
  • It includes cartridges from the late 1800s up to the modern day. These include the Martini Henry, Paper Coil, Brass-Foil Coiled cartridges and Black Powder Express (BPE). It also includes the Nitro Express series of cartridges, match cartridges, and other well known British ammunition.
  • Includes a full range of cartridges from the 4.85mm British Experimental cartridge up to the 577 Nitro Express. It also includes historically significant military cartridges such as the Maxim Machine Gun, 55 Boys, Maxim Balloon Buster, and others.
  • The poster displays revolver and automatic cartridges and features many of the developmental cartridges from WWI and WWII.

Available posted rolled from www.firingsolutions.co.uk


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