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The 11th Battalion A.I.F. on the Great Pyramid of Giza, 10 January 1915

When the guns have ceased to thunder and the cruel war is done,
And the story told of nations and what each has lost and won,
Will those who write the record ever pause to note the loss
Of the many thousand heroes who did not get the cross?


The 11th Battalion, raised in Western Australia within weeks of Great Britain’s declaration of war in August 1914, arrived in Egypt in December 1914 to prepare for the Gallipoli campaign.

The Project

On Sunday, January 10, 1915, Captain Barnes recorded in a letter to his mother: 'After Church this morning the whole Battalion was marched up to the Pyramid (Old Cheops) and we had a photo took or at least several of them.' Most of the 704 men who posed for this iconic image have never been named / identified and it is likely that this is the last photograph of many of them, Captain Barnes included. He was killed in the Dardanelles on 28th April, 1915.



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Social Awareness

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