Personal Items & Family History

We welcome any items, photographs or copies of documents and pictures for permanent donation relating to your family's role in The Great War.  

We do our best to honour their memory and aid others in research.

Equipment and Memorabilia

We love touchable history and endeavour to display a wide variety of contemporary items from uniforms to photographs.


We have the means to ensure that any historic weaponry items of value will be correctly registered and kept securely, whilst still maintaining their ability to be exhibited safely for future generations to appreciate the technology of the day.

Recent additions to the weaponry collection

Cadet Training Rifles & General Service Rifles

Webley Service Mk II Air Rifle trainer .22

Long Lee Enfield (LLE) .303"

Short Magazine Lee Enfield ( SMLE) /303"

Wilkinson Webley Revolvers

Rare examples of 1910 and 1911 revolvers retailed by the Wilkinson Sword Company of Pall Mall, London.  These were the epitome of tuned custom guns of the era and cost several month's salary to purchase.

A new officer would have received his orders from the War Office and no doubt immediately crossed the Mall and ordered the necessary equipment for his next posting.

Webley Mk IV Revolver

A very rare six inch barrelled .455 Revolver retailed by George Newnham of Portsmouth.

George Newnham was the leading gunsmith in the City of Portsmouth until 1941, when a direct hit from a Nazi bomber destroyed his premises.

This revolver was previously owned by a decorated and highly respected Royal Marine Sniper Instructor.